Top Dolla Doesn’t Think That He Is Done With WWE

January 31, 2022

AJ Francis, formerly known as Top Dolla, in WWE believed his football experience would make him dominant in the XFL. It can be argued his time in professional football prepared him for a career in WWE. Unfortunately, his WWE career would be short lived as he and the rest of Hit Row would be released in November of 2021.

Francis recently spoke to Jon Alba on his “One on One” show, discussing how he wrote the Kansas City Chiefs official Super Bowl song last season. Francis also revealed whether he wants to stay in music or continue pursuing his professional wrestling career.

Francis never stopped having only one focus. He continued to make music the entire time the WWE employed him. AJ would go one to say:

“I am very capable of doing a wrestling role for anybody’s company that wants me. That’s not hard to do. I can do it 2 days a week or 10 days a week. It’s up to you. Do I think I’m done with WWE forever? No, just from some personal conversations I’ve had with people, I don’t. Do I think that I need to focus on myself right now? Absolutely. To be honest with you, I’ve been focusing on myself my whole life, so that isn’t anything new.”

“The thing is, I never stopped having it be only one thing. I made music the entire time I was in WWE and I will continue to make music. What I can actually do is go out and get opportunities on television elsewhere. I’ve been in Super Bowl commercials. I made the Super Bowl song for the [Kansas City] Chiefs. I’m ready to tackle all aspects of what’s coming next by being able to do things that I love that my schedule limited before.”

Francis even did TV work for WWE as well, appearing on episodes of WWE’s Most Wanted Treasure’s series that was featured on A&E television in Spring/Summer 2021.

AJ “Top Dolla” Francis was cut from World Wrestling Entertainment on November 18, 2021, as part of budget cuts. Where he goes now, where he ends up all remains to be seen.

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