Triple H Reportedly Skips Out on Meeting with Rey Mysterio

March 4, 2018

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that Rey Mysterio was scheduled to meet with Triple H at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT prior to the Northeast Wrestling’s Wrestlefest event were Mysterio got injured at this past Friday. The idea was to work out an agreement and lock down a new contract between Mysterio and WWE.

Apparently the meeting ended up being postponed after Triple H needed to go to Saudi Arabia to finalize a new contract there that would see WWE locked in to produce live events in that country over the next decade. This statement makes very little sense in Mike Johnson’s report. You figured that Triple H would have known about traveling overseas to finalize that deal before he supposedly agreed to finalize a deal with Mysterio as well. Hopefully we receive more details about the authenticity of that claim in the report.

In regards to Mysterio’s injury, everything appears to be “up in the air” as WWE will probably want him at 100% before they decide to bring him back. Shelton Benjamin had a similar issue last year where he was hurt prior to his WWE return and the company had him sit out until he was healthy enough to return. As of this writing Mysterio has yet to be examined.

We will keep you updated once we receive any additional information regarding his status with WWE and his injury.

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2 comments on “Triple H Reportedly Skips Out on Meeting with Rey Mysterio

  1. The Saudi Arabia deal sounds spare of the moment & time sensitive, while the Mysterio situation does not…The curse of being in charge of Talent Relations & Live Events