UK Promotion WPW Remove Hannibal From Up Coming Show

December 14, 2021

As reported yesterday, independent Wrestler Hannibal “The Blood Hunter” (real name Devon Nicholson), viciously assaulted referee Lando Deltoro with a spike. Since this incident there has been an outpouring on twitter from both fans, wrestlers and promoters for the wrestler be removed from future shows and black balled from the industry.

One UK promotion World Pro Wrestling have removed Hannibal from their up coming show on the 19th of February next year, releasing the following statement,

World Pro Wrestling have been putting together an international super show in Cheltenham including international stars such as Taijri, 2 Cold Scorpio, Hernandez and more, Hannibal had originally been booked to face a former NXT Superstar Oliver Grey now Joel Redman.

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World Pro Wrestling supershow matches include Taijiri vs Jody Fleisch for the MLW Middleweight Championship, 2 Cold Scorpio vs MVK for the WPW Championship, James Mason vs Andrew Anderson and more, the show will be available to watch on Powered 4 TV.

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