Vince McMahon Extremely Unhappy Before Raw

August 31, 2021

Over the past few months, WWE has been going over a lot of changes including releases of a plethora of talent, as well as changes to hiring protocol. yesterday’s Raw may have seen residual effects over the past few months.

According to PW Insider, yesterday was one of the longest days for the WWE creative team in recent memory. It’s being reported that Vince McMahon was “irate” and ripped up the script throughout the day several times.

Vince McMahon, extremely unhappy with the original plans for Monday Night Raw, “ripped up the script” several times, including the original plans and then the initial rewrite.

It’s being reported that Mr. McMahon requested new ideas, some of which were ok but others were shot down. It is also being said that he rejected everything pitched to him before making a decision that new plans needed to be written before the show. This left creative in a hectic state and left them writing a script up until an hour before the show, all the while there was no direction or format planned for the show. People backstage reported that this was the “angriest and loudest” that they had ever seen McMahon.

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