Why AEW Changed Jon Moxley’s Road to Fyter Fest Match

June 27, 2019
Why was Jon Moxley and Joey Janela’s match for Fyter Fest changed!?
Two incredible promos featured on The Road to Fyter Fest series, have led to HUGE news right before AEW’s show this weekend. The match scheduled between Jon Moxley and Joey Janela has been changed. 

Jon Moxley and Joey Janela will still go head to head at Fyter Fest but what about the stipulation…
“Due to both competitors propensity for violence and statements coming from both camps, AEW has decided to strip this match of all rules. This is a non sanctioned match,” read the statement opening up the most recent hype video for Fyter Fest. As if this match needed to get any hotter.

All Elite Wrestling present Fyter Fest on Saturday, January 29th, 2019

It all started after Double or Nothing, when footage from the event showed Moxley snatching a cigarette right out of The Bad Boy’s hands. Immediately wrestling fans were buzzing, thinking that the two would be placed in some sort of lengthy program. Instead fans got treated to a set of an incredible promos and have a chance to watch an amazing wrestling showdown this Saturday evening over on Bleacher Report. 

The first promo in this hellacious build was from Moxley. On Episode One of The Road to Fyter Fest Moxley delivered an impassioned promo. Seemingly free from his old chains, he talked about a mile a minute, telling the audience how much he doesn’t care.  Doesn’t care about the children that might be in the audience, doesn’t care about the referee’s discretion. Hell Moxley took it as far as to say that when he steps into the ring he doesn’t care about the safety of the athletes competing against him. Instead of a lengthy program between these two CZW alumni, we were going to get Moxley’s first AEW match fast and quick. Jon stated that this match would be like “Amazon Prime for head trauma.” Moxley’s promo set the stage for what was to come.

Joey Janela wants to die in the ring

The Bad Boy isn’t one to be out down. It was his turn to shoot on Episode Two of the Road to Fyter Fest. Joey’s promo took place at a viewing for himself. In front of an open casket, Janela laid into Moxley, bringing up everything from straight to DVD movies to scripted promos. The Bad Boy built his passion throughout his engaging promo until finally reaching his culmination when he called Moxley a watered down, PG version of himself. Janela said he has everything to lose at Fyter Fest while Moxley has nothing to lose. Janela points to the casket at the end saying that he’d rather be in it, than obscurity. 

With both men laying into one another with verbal barbs and their shared history of covering themselves and their opponents in crimson masks, AEW was left little choice. Releasing the statement above today to add something to a match that was already as hot as a sidewalk in Texas during July. The corresponding video package for the match announcement was the latest installment of this amazing, well built, quick feud. 
Jon Moxley is hell bent on hurting people
Moxley sits at a computer with a dual monitor setup. The monitors are split into smaller windows as all things Bad Boy play on them. There’s old matches, old promos, and then the voice over of Joey’s promo against Moxley from Episode Two. Most of Janela’s Episode Two promo is played over again, as Moxley does his research. Jon’s faces say it all. He isn’t impressed, he’s angry. Finally at the end he slams the keyboard, sending the computer screen to static and walks away. But rest assured Moxley isn’t done.

While the first part of this promo video focused on the career of The Bad Boy, once Jon leaves his computer screen and gets into his car a collection of Jon Moxley’s greatest hits plays. One could almost forget that he cut his teeth in the hardcore playground that is CZW, given everything WWE has put him through over the past few years. AEW remedies that quickly with clips of some of Moxley’s bloodiest battles; his opponents screaming in agony. Moxley is out of his car with a shovel in his hand and begins to walk into the woods. It’s there that the final point of this feud is driven home. Moxley is digging a grave. The only question is: WHOS?

This feud has been put together masterfully. AEW has hit a home run setting these two men against one another in record time. Will The Bad Boy die in the ring on Saturday night at the hands of Jon Moxley? Only one way to find out – TUNE IN TO FYTER FEST ON SATURDAY NIGHT!

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