Why “The Head Of The Table” Does Not Work

June 14, 2021

Roman Reigns’ run as The Head Of The Table has been so far his best run as a singles wrestler. His promo work has been phenomenal and in a way has made WWE creative look stupid for not wanting to turn Roman heel for many years when it was the right move to do.

While Roman has done a phenomenal job so far, there are several aspects that are not working and people are ignoring those points that are hindering Roman Reigns run as The Head of The Table.

The first major problem is that WWE is not building up the eventual babyface that will dethrone Roman Reigns as Universal champion. Currently there’s no realistic contender that will beat Roman. Another problem, is that it seems WWE waiting for possible matches against The Rock and John Cena, if those matches are not able to happen, then WWE has wasted months that they could’ve used to build several contenders for Roman.

For many Big E would be the perfect opponent to dethrone Roman Reigns, but Big E has not been presented as a credible threat for Roman Reigns’ Universal title reign so far. Besides him, the other possible option seems to be any of The Usos and them being tired of Reigns’ treatment, but they don’t have the it factor to be a singles star and work far better as a tag team and really needs strong tag team for their lackluster division.

Another major problem that people are not noticing is that we see the same segments every week with Reigns, The Usos and Paul Heyman. It goes, Roman yells at The Usos and tells them they are disrespecting the legacy of The Anoa’i family (Paul Heyman is in the back doing wacky faces), then Roman gives them a task to give them a chance to bring honor to the family and of course, they fail and we do the same thing the following week. It’s an endless loop of TV.

Once again, this goes back to the lack of contenders for Reigns left. This is one of the major reasons we are in this endless loop of TV on SmackDown every Friday. The upcoming draft might the answer.

Roman Reigns’ matches are good, but they can be a bit melodramatic at times and with mid-match dialogues, but at this point that’s the WWE style of matches more than anything. Let’s not forget the interference spots from The Usos and Heyman depending of the situation.

At the end of the day, creative has made a major disservice to all the work Roman Reigns has done for The Head of the Table character. The draft might be the answer to all these problems, but this is WWE and we might end up with the same stuff we’ve seen so far until the next draft or WWE figures out which babyface legend will beat Reigns.

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