Will Ospreay Sends Message To Bryan Danielson

October 12, 2021

At Rev Pro UK’s Live In Southampton 14 last night, the Rev Pro UK Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay faced off with the current Rev Pro UK Undisputed British Cruiserweight Champion Michael Oku.

The two Champions battled it out for nearly 30 minutes before the referee mercifully put an end to the match by referee stoppage as Will Ospreay delivered Bryan Danielson style elbows looking to once again send a message to the AEW star.

Will Ospreay recently said that he would embarrass CM Punk, Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson on an interview with Samira for SES Scoops and it would seem that Ospreay took another opportunity to send another message.

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Live at Southampton 14 should be available to stream on Rev Pro UK’s on demand service RPW on demand with the next 7 days.

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