Will We See The Demon Again In WWE?

August 5, 2021

Finn Balor spent the last year on the NXT roster and had a great run that led back to him re-claiming the NXT championship. His run eventually ended and he lost the championship to a returning Karrion Kross.

Once WWE was able to go back on the road Fin was called back up to the main roster. Fans were excited to see Finn back, but a lot of fans were were curious if and when we will see Finn’s ‘Demon’ persona again. We have not seen the Demon since Finn’s return to Nxt October of 2019.

While talking to WWE Die Woche, Finn was asked if there was a chance if the DEmon would ever return? Finn responded,

“You’re hitting me with the hard questions. I mean yeah obviously. I feel like the Demon has a future , but right now I’m focused on the prince and his current invention of the character and the direction he’s going, but I’m sure we will get back to it at some stage.”

The Demon character has so much appeal with fans and has gotten over so well with the WWE universe, so to just shelf it would be a waste of a good gimmick, especially when it comes to merchandising. Would you wanna see the Demon back.

Below is the video of Finn’s comments

H/T Ringside News on the transcript

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