WWE 2K22: GM Mode Trailer Reveals New Details

February 16, 2022

Since WWE 2K22 was announced as in development, the rumour’s have swirled regarding a new GM Mode, a feature fans have been clamouring for for over a decade. In the new game, GM mode is not only back but it seems much different to the mode we remember, watch the trailer narrated by Stephanie McMahon below or read on for more details.

In the new GM mode, you have the choice of creating your own GM character or choosing between Adam Pearce, Sonya Deville, Stephanie McMahon or recently released Shane McMahon, who despite being front and centre in the trailer, goes unmentioned in the narration. You can sign free agents, go through draft rounds, pit heels vs faces to earn higher ratings and much more. 2K also held a deep dive livestream on their Youtube channel linked below.

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