WWE Backstage Atmosphere Is ‘Utter Chaos’

June 22, 2019
WWE superstars are working with the company for various reasons. Some are in it for the money, others are because it has always been their dream to wrestle in WWE.

According to a report by Brad Shepard, the backstage mood in WWE is very bad right now. On top of WWE titles being forgotten during meetings, some top superstars are more focused on their personal lives to care about the company.

Samoa Joe at this point of time is only interested in getting his payment. On the other hand, some champions are apparently being “crybabies” backstage. Due to all this, it is chaotic backstage.

Samoa Joe is allegedly just along for the ride, and Bayley and The Revival are still being crybabies even with the straps. They described it as utter chaos.

Hopefully, the atmosphere backstage can be improved in due time.

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