WWE Criticised For Inability To Get Over New Talent

February 8, 2022

WWE has been doing everything possible to build up their new stars. The company has gone as far as to totally revamp its NXT brand in order to showcase new stars who they hope can one-day main event Wrestlemania. Judging from fans’ reactions, unfortunately, things have not gone the way they would have hoped.

 On the most recent episode of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed WWE’s mismanagement of new and young talent. Alvarez went on a rant that was heavily critical of the company for constantly having established wrestlers beat younger or fresher faces. He stated it’s an ongoing issue.

“Damien Priest, they didn’t make a big deal of this but he was undefeated for a full year. Now he’s lost four straight matches… This is what happens when they find out you’re undefeated, I guess. Doing this guy no favors…But, I mean, the story of this show and every show, it’s like. How many times have you told me this, Dave? ‘Oh, they know they need to make young stars.’ Let’s beat Damien Priest with AJ Styles… He’s new, no one knows he’s thirty-nine. What about Austin Theory losing to Kevin Owens? What about [Cora Jade] getting squashed by Raquel Gonzalez last week? I mean, we had New Day beating Los Lotharios. Have we had one young person in this company get a win any time recently?”

Alverez and Meltzer both noted how Austin Theory beat Kevin Owens last week. Bryan Alvarez responded by pointing out that Owens beat Theory immediately after. WWE will have to start putting more faith in their young talent as the older guys they lean on won’t always be available.

Transcription by Ringside News

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