WWE Forgets To Include Heavy Machinery’s Move To SmackDown In Superstar Shake-Up Recap

April 17, 2019
WWE has concluded their Superstar Shakeup for the year. With some changes being announced on television, and others being announced online. The rosters have finally settled.

WWE posted all roster changes on their website. When the post was first added, Nikki Cross and Heavy Machinery were not listed. It was unknown if they were simply forgotten about, or if there was more to the story.

Turns out they were forgotten about. WWE has since updated their website with Heavy Machinery being on Smackdown Live.

We have screen grabs of the first post on WWE and the revised post hours later.
This was the initial post This is the revision Nikki Cross has still not been listed on the Shakeup page, nor has she been announced to a brand on television since her call up.

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