WWE on FOX? Rumoured Talks Are In The Works.

January 31, 2018

Forbes has recently reported that WWE’s television contract with NBC/Universal will end in 2019 and that Fox is looking to acquire programming; if a deal isn’t reached with NBC/Universal. 

WWE moving to Fox and presumably, their Fox Sports brand, would be a shot in the arm for the middling cable sports network. A popular theory is that Raw would shrink to 2 hours (thank the gods) and lead into local news at 10pm. Also, the integration of WWE programming into the Fox Sports family could be interesting. Conversely, if NBC/Universal were to lose WWE programming; it would be a major blow to the USA network and its standing in the top of ad based cable networks.  As the USA Network faces increasing competition from HULU, Netflix and On Demand/DVR viewing, losing the WWE would be a crushing blow to the network.

WWE already airs on FOX networks overseas, such as in Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina; also on Fox owned Sky Sports in Europe and Australia. Though we’re a long way off from any major WWE programming changes, the thought of Monday Night Raw, live on network television is an interesting proposition. 


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