WWE Personnel Warns Tony Khan Not To Sign Shane McMahon

February 4, 2022

Earlier this week it was reported that WWE had “quietly” let go of Shane McMahon. Since the news broke rumors have swirled if there is even a slight chance that we could see Shane make a jump to WWE’s biggest competitor.

It seems as though people within WWE are aware of the rumors and are sending a direct message to AEW President Tony Khan. According to PWTorch’s Wade Keller, he was passed a comment by people within WWE who believe it would be in AEW’s best interest to steer clear of McMahon.

It was noted that Shane’s sense of entitlement was the reason cited for the above quote. Keller’s sources believe that should Shane show up in another promotion that is not WWE, this would likely be amplified, even compared to how he behaved at the Royal Rumble, where he was reportedly “out of control.”

While the likelihoodof Shane popping up in AEW is rather slim, the adage in the wrestling industry is to never say “never.

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