WWE Pulling Talent Off The Road To Save Them For The Day 1 PPV

December 30, 2021

Earlier in the week, it was reported that several talents were sent home prior to a WWE Live Event at Madison Square Garden after they were either exposed to, or tested positive, for Covid-19. Big-E, Seth Rollins, and Becky Lynch were just a few of the names who were pulled from the show.

It is now being reported that even some talent who have not tested positive have also been pulled from the road in order to keep them safe after the recent outbreak and have them ready for WWE’s day 1 event.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is currently holding back talents from touring as a measure to protect them from getting COVID-19 ahead of the WWE Day 1 pay-per-view.

The deal is that all the people who were gone from the Sunday house shows, in theory, they were hoping they would all be back for Day 1. If someone tests positive — well, they’re not testing anymore — but, if someone gets sick then they’re not gonna come. So, if somebody gets sick, you know they won’t be on the show. But, I don’t know, basically what I was told on Monday or Sunday, Sunday night actually, is that there are people who are being held off this week’s touring who are the main eventers because they want to use them eventually on the pay-per-view, because they do not want Lesnar, Heyman, Roman Reigns for example they want them at Day 1, for example.

The storyline they’re doing is the Mania storyline and they gotta be there, if at all possible, so Reigns was pulled from every house show to lessen his shot at getting sick and, of course, Lesnar wasn’t going to be at the house shows and Heyman wasn’t going to be there either, so that’s okay.”

WWE has recently changed their Covid-19 protocols in regards to quarantining, so it is likely all talent who are due to perform will make it.

H/T to Ringside News For transcripts.

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