wXw Germany To Host Showcase for Wrestle Carnival, APC Catch and Bodyslam Pro Wrestling During 16 Carat Weekend

January 21, 2022

wXw’s 16 Carat Gold Tournament is one of the biggest events during the European Calendar year, a 16 man tournament held over 3 days, previous winners includes the likes of Walter, Cara Noir, Shingo Tagaki, Ilja Dragunov and Aleister Black.

wXw announced that they would be bringing the back the Tournament for 2022, after not running the show in 2021 due the Covid Pandemic, wXw Germany had promised to be bringing back the pageantry that the competition demands including a host of International talent.

In 2020 wXw Germany added the 3 day weekend event showcase matches and in 2022 wXw Germany will once again be playing host to showcases from Wrestle Carnival, APC Catch and Bodyslam Pro Wrestling, the showcase takes place on the second day of the three day event.

wXw made the announcement via social media earlier today;

Wrestle Carnival are new promotion from the UK and despite having only run their first show in 2021 have managed to work with several promotions including ROH and Shimmer, now the promotion will be showcased during the 16 Carat Gold weekend. Wrestle Carnival will also play host to a wXw Unified World Championship match at Wrestle Carnival’s Carnival of Champions as Axel Tischer defends against Joe Hendry. Top Wrestle Carnival stars include Chris Ridgeway, Warren Banks, Charles Crowley, Charlie Sterling, Alex Windsor, Lizzy Evo and Charlie Morgan

APC Catch are the No. 1 wrestling promotion based in france and have been running for just short of 20 years, some of top French superstars came through APC Catch including NXT UK’s Amale as well as Tristan Archer, Senza Volto and Aigle Blanc.

Bodyslam Pro Wrestling are part of the Scandi Graps movement and are based in Denmark, they have been active for just over 5 years, some of the top stars of Bodyslam Pro Wrestling are Carlos Zamora and RandersPagne (Adonis and Xander).

You can keep up to date with everything British and Euro Wrestling with our Tea and Tights: A Great British Podcast and their weekly Brit Wres Round Up;

wXw’s 16 Carat Gold takes place from the 4th to the 6th of March in Oberhausen Germany, so far announced for the tournament are: Jonathan Gresham, Biff Busick, Cara Noir, Bobby Guns, Shigehiro Irie, Abe Fuminori, Acey Romero, Fancesco Akira and Rober Driesker.

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