Yota Tusji Heading To Rev Pro UK

August 9, 2021

New Japan’s Young Lion is heading to England UK, where he will be on excursion, working with British Promotion Revolution Pro Wrestling (Rev Pro UK). Rev Pro UK have had a long working history which as seen plenty of top New Japan stars wrestle their shows, including Hiroshi Tanahashi and Minoru Suzuki and of course, the Rev Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship on New Japan shows.

Yota Tusji is not the first New Japan Young Lion to work with Rev Pro UK, recent returnee Great O’Khan worked with Rev Pro UK before making his big return with Will Ospreay. He will not be alone out there as one of New Japan’s most touted Young Lions Shota Umino is currently out working with Rev Pro UK and is due to face Ricky Knight Jr for a shot at facing Will Ospreay to unite Rev Pro’s British Heavyweight titles.

Of Course the partnership is not one way with New Japan’s British Young Lion Gabriel Kidd being invited to the NJPW dojos after impressive performances in Rev Pro UK’s contenders division.

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