Young Bucks Plan To Miss AllOut

August 18, 2021

The young Bucks have rarely taken any time off from the ring, and due to this, they believe they feel they have earned a much-deserved vacation. The team is now saying that they might take a month off after they defend their titles tonight on dynamite.

Nick and Matt were off Twitter altogether for a while but have recently made a joint account. The account does not see much activity but they do send messages to update their bio. This is exactly how the team let fans know of their plans.

Gonna defend the titles successfully & then head to Hawaii for a month. Let someone else carry a PPV for once lmfao.

The Young Bucks are set to take on the Jurrasic Express tonight in a much-anticipated match. There has been no announcement for an opponent at all out but that could change if the Jurrasic express can pick up a win tonight.

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