Zack Sabre Jr Earns IWGP Tag Team Title Shot For Dangerous Tekkers

May 3, 2021

Earlier today NJPW kicked off their two night Wrestling Dontaku event and there was certainly plenty of action from the first night. Two matches from night 1 were occupied by IWGP Tag Team Champions G.O.D and the competitors from Suzuki Gun’s Dangerous Tekkers as the members of both teams faced off in singles action.

The two teams have been locked in conflict since the World Tag League last year which G.O.D would go onto win before taking the IWGP tag team titles from Dangerous Tekkers as well as Taichi’s Iron Fingers. Ever since Taichi’s obsession with regaining his Iron fingers has cost Dangerous Tekkers opportunities to win the titles back from G.O.D, leading to the matches at Wrestling Dontaku.

Taichi faced off with Tama Tonga in a Ladder match with the winner gaining ownership of Iron Fingers. Whilst Zack Sabre Jr faced of with Tanga Loa with the fate of the Tag Team Championship in the balance, if Zack Sabre Jr lost, Dangerous Tekkers would never again be able to challenge for IWGP Tag Team Titles and if he won Dangerous Tekkers would have a future title shot.

Zack Sabre Jr was able to overcome the obstacle that was Tanga Loa, Loa had a considerable size advantage over Sabre Jr, who had to rely on all of his technical know how to bring the bigger man down. After successfully wearing down his opponent Sabre Jr was able to counter Tanga Loa, catching him with a crucifix pin and managing to hold him down for the 3 count to earn his team one more shot at IWGP Tag Team Champions. Later in the night Taichi was able to win back ownership of his Iron Fingers after defeating Tama Tonga in the ladder match.

No word yet as to when Sabre Jr and Taichi will challenge for the IWGP Tag Championship but with Grand Slam right around the corner, will we once again see the two teams face off with each other at the Tokyo Dome.

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