October 12, 2020



The Lion’s Break Crown Final is now in the books. It was yet another incredible Friday night for New Japan USA. NJPW’s American 1 hour wrestling show has been nothing short of incredible in terms of in ring performance and offering the best example of why NJPW is, not only the “King of Sports”, but, THE best and the premiere wrestling promotion on the planet. Hands down. (or as the kids say…full stop). 

Tonight’s episode was the culmination of weeks of competition and some incredible wrestling. The card is stacked as follows:

*12 man Elimination Tag Match

*Bullet Club (Jay White, Chase Owens, G.O.D., KENTA, and Hikuleo) vs. Jeff Cobb, David Finlay, Rocky Romero, ACH, Karl Fredricks, and TJP

*6 man Tag Match

*Fred Rosser (fka Darren Young), Adrian Quest, and Barrett Brown vs. Misterioso, Blake Christian, and Logan Riegel

*Lions Break Crown Final

*Danny Limelight vs. Clark Connors

The 6 man Tag Match starts us off. This was a great match to start off the evening considering the talent that was featured in the contest. The action went everywhere in this match. Barrett Brown and Blake Christian had a really good exchange and double down due to a Spanish Fly that ended with Christian flying off the top turnbuckle and pulling off a corkscrew splash for the 1-2-3. The team of Misterioso, Christian, and Riegel took the win.

Misterioso, Christian, Riegel def. Rosser, Quest, Brown

The final of the Lion’s Break Crown tournament took place next. It comes down to the two very best at what they do in the ring, thus far, in NJPW USA. Clark Connors (the odds on favorite) and Danny Limelight. Going into this tournament much of the hype and build up had been built around the ascension of Connors as the star of the LA Dojo and Young Lions program.

From the opening bell it seemed Connors game plan was to get Limelight to the mat and to wrestle his kind of match. To his detriment Limelight did just that and Connors maintained that control for 90% of the match. Because of it the match was rather short. Limelight did try to gain control by blocking a Connors knee strike attempt and shooting him to the corner then taking him over in a cradle DDT for a 2 count. Otherwise Connors was in control and finished this contest with his very painful Boston Crab for the submission win. Clark Connors definitely showed he’s ready to do his own thing as a LA Dojo graduate and is the 2020 Lion’s Break Crown title holder.

Connors def. Limelight

Main Event:

Bullet Club (Jay White, Chase Owens, G.O.D., KENTA, and Hikuleo) vs. Jeff Cobb, David Finlay, Rocky Romero, ACH, Karl Fredricks, and TJP

The main event tonight featured a fantastic collection of NJPW best from the NJPW USA roster. Bullet Club (NJPW’s top faction) taking on arguably the 6 of the best on the USA roster. The action in this match is going to be on a whole other level. If you have NJPW World this is definitely one to go and rewatch.

The rules of the match are simply: pin, submit, or over the top rope eliminates an opponent. Fredricks and Owens started off and almost immediately Fredricks was pushed to the ropes and the total of Bullet Club tried to pull Fredricks over the top rope. Thankfully, Fredricks’ tag partners came to his aid immediately. 

Overall, every participant had their opportunity to shine and get their work done. In the end it did come down to KENTA, Chase Owens, and David Finlay. The three of them on their own could’ve main evented this program. Finlay dodges two “big boot” attempts from KENTA on the ropes. One he dodges and it hits Chase Owens eliminating him. The second he dodges and he’s able to dodge and force KENTA over the top rope for the victory for Finlay and his team. 

Jeff Cobb, David Finlay, Rocky Romero, ACH, Karl Fredricks, and TJP def. Bullet Club (Jay White, Chase Owens, G.O.D., KENTA, and Hikuleo) 

Again, this was a fantastic match that is definitely something one would want to see again if you are subscribed to NJPW World.

Overall, NJPW continue to put on solid show after solid show. The matches mentioned continue the trend of fantastic story telling with excellent athleticism and skill.

If you haven’t watched NJPW before, now is the time to do so. (www.njpwworld.com )

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