The Dark Order: A Faction That Could Dominate AEW

October 27, 2020

Compared to where they stood when Evil Uno and Stu Grayson first started, the Dark Order’s rise has been a gradual and delicate climb but when they were prepared to take the fight to the rest of the promotion, they did.

The huge reveal in March that Brodie Lee, the formerly known as Luke Harper in WWE, was ‘The Exalted One’ of the Dark Order. Their leader and a man who himself was reborn in this role.

Over time we learned to address Brodie as ‘Mr. Brodie’ and he established his dominance in the ring and with other roster members. He convinced Alan Angels and hand picked Preston Vance to be members of the faction. Most recently the Dark Order acquired the services of Anna Jay, solidifying that they could challenge AEW in every division. They are also having ongoing flirtations with potential members such as Colt Cabana and Tay Conti.

The members of this cult/faction:

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson

The ones who introduced us to the Dark Order. A well-established tag team in AEW. Future tag champions.

John “3” Silver and Alex “4” Reynolds

Labelled as ‘Jobbers’ by fans immediately and were used as enhancement talent. Both highly trained men found their place in the Dark Order, now putting on solid matches and having a handful of victories. Plus John Silver is becoming a favourite amongst fans.

The Exalted One, Mr. Brodie Lee

The leader, the big boss. The former TNT champion has already brought prestige not only to himself but his group too. A very talented, scary guy who has already made the Dark Order a faction that has won titles and therefor credible.

Preston “10/X” Vance

Hand picked by Mr.Brodie and an impressive physical specimen, Vance has a devastating spine buster and has recently recovered from an injury. He will be making more and more appearances as time goes on.

Alan “5/V” Angels

Angels joining the Dark Order was a happy surprise to everyone, Angels got the chance to be seen by a lot of fans when put in a match against Kenny Omega, which was a high level bout. Angels’ finisher, the Wing Snapper, is a vicious variation of a backstabber and has been picking up singles wins recently

The Queenslayer Anna “99” Jay

Anna is perfect for the Dark Order, a badass who doesn’t need to say much to prove how tough she is, she just chokes them out instead. Jay is a young, very athletic and sound wrestler and she is thought of as a future world champion amongst fans.

The reason why the Dark Order are so different and will be long-lasting in AEW is because it’s a faction that has embraced the idea of members being replaced.

Usually if a faction loses a member, it’s never the same. Maybe they’ll look for replacement that will eventually backfire or the loss is so great that the faction implodes and breaks up. So the fact that Mr.Brodie Lee is now in a position to replace basically anyone in the Dark Order and still keep the faction running with the same feeling from fans, is genius.

If the Dark Order continues to stand the test of time, there will be a time when we will be comparing different versions/faction members of the Dark Order and debating about which version/members of the faction you liked the most.

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