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September 27, 2021

Cody & Brandi Rhodes Portraits, CODY RHODES, Brandi Rhodes

Love them or hate them, Cody and Brandi Rhodes are an integral part of the upstart wrestling company All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Cody, an executive Vice President and Brandi, the Chief Brand Officer have enough to juggle in their executive positions. They also wrestle a full schedule on AEW’s flagship show Dynamite. For all of the things we see every Wednesday on Dynamite, there’s hundreds of moving parts that make the show work. Rhodes to the Top focuses on Cody and Brandi and their life and times, in juggling work and home life. 

The setting is back in May 2021, weeks before the big pay per view event Double or Nothing. Brandi is well on her way to motherhood, while dealing with the revolving door of issues in her job as head of public relations. Cody, as a full time wrestler and Executive must balance both duties as he prepares for fatherhood. You may have heard this story before on Total Bellas or Miz and Mrs. But, “Rhodes” spends a little bit more time on the work side of things. It’s not just scripted tiffs about mundane choices, or that whacky character that has a penchant for one liners and mic drops. There’s a familiar air to “Rhodes” but the biggest surprise are it’s stars, Cody and Brandy. They’re a lot more likable than I’m willing to admit and it’ll be interesting to see how much of the real world issues that the couple face in the coming months. 

CODY RHODES, Brandi Rhodes Photograph by Jeremy Freeman/WarnerMedia

If you’re a fan of AEW and remember the on screen moments, the show does very well in pulling back the curtain and giving you a glimpse of what happens backstage. Don’t expect any trade secrets to be revealed and sure, there’s some thematic elements that have been dramatized for effect. Overall, Rhodes to the Top, at least in this debut episode charts its own path and sets itself to be a pretty refreshing take on the wrestling/reality series. Normally, this type of programming isn’t for me but, Rhodes to the Top has me engaged enough to anticipate episode 2. 

Rhodes to the Top” debuts Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 10 p.m. on TNT, immediately following “AEW: Dynamite.”

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