Welcome to the official website of the Big Gold Belt Media. Big Gold Belt Media is an entertainment outlet that focuses on sharing diverse perspectives in film, television, and pop culture. We strive to highlight people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ filmmakers as we desire to create a more inclusive entertainment industry for all.


Established May of 2015, the Washington, D.C.-based Big Gold Belt Podcast offers weekly reviews, analyses, and often-hilarious debates covering all things pro wrestling (with the occasional foray into MMA and other forms of sports / entertainment). We began with five co-hosts—Aaron, 2Chambz, Cilly Cellus, D-Wayne, and Dr. M—and have since welcomed Jahmal to our fold, along with a variety of other guests who make occasional appearances. Our podcast name—the Big Gold Belt—was inspired by our mutual appreciation of the beautiful WWE (formerly WCW) World Heavyweight Championship, a belt that our own Dr. M and D-Wayne have both purchased during Wrestlemania 30 week back in 2014.

Our podcast began like most pro wrestling podcasts, providing regular reviews of WWE Raw and Smackdown Live (and occasionally Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground), as well as prediction shows for upcoming pay-per-views for the major wrestling promotions. We have since evolved, though, to offer substantial attention to the ever-growing independent wrestling circuit. We have been fortunate to produce interviews with some of professional wrestling’s fastest rising stars, including AEW’s Keith Lee, Faye Jackson, TNA’s Jordynne Grace, and WWE NXT’s Donovan Dijak, just to name a few!

It is our hope & mission, through our podcast, that our fans / listeners understand that we are simply passionate about pro wrestling—a sport many of us have been watching since the early 1990s. We’re having fun, and we appreciate everyone supporting us as we continue to evolve.

It was then in January of 2020 that Big Gold Belt Wrestling Podcast was not enough thus the birth of Big Gold Belt Media. Big Gold Belt Media would be the outlet that would allow the expansion of other creative ventures to begin. Podcasts such as the Big Gold Belt Wrestling Podcast could exist under it while now content including reviews, recap discussions, podcast, along with exclusive red carpet and event coverage including film festivals, conventions and other notable annual events could now be featured.