Power Book IV Force | Season 2 Episode 1 Review & Recap LIVE| “Tommy’s Back”

September 3, 2023

Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 1 Review & Recap “Tommy’s Back” With Special Guest!

Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 1 Review & Recap S2E1 *SPOILERS*

Power Book 4 Force Season 2 Episode 1

Power Book IV Ghost Season 2 Episode 1

Power Book IV: Ghost Season 2 Episode 1

EPISODE 201 – “Tommy’s Back”

Airdate: September 1, 2023

Written by: Gary Lennon

Directed by: Rob Hardy

Following CBI’s shootout with the Flynns, Tommy has his heart set on finding Liliana’s killer within the Flynn organization. Tommy makes solo moves to avenge his dead friend in the shadows, but Diamond pulls his focus to developing an edge over their new competition: Jenard’s faction, the Treasons. All the while, Tommy hasn’t forgotten his ultimate goal of taking over Chicago’s entire drug network. He insists on meeting CBI’s

drug supplier, MIGUEL GARCIA, leader of the Insane Princes with a direct line to the Estrada Cartel. Tommy is already on rocky footing with Miguel when he meets the drug lord’s sister, MIREYA, and discovers a mutual attraction that both are determined to resist. Meanwhile, Jenard is hustling to get ahead of CBI in the streets. When he oversteps, Tommy reacts with a decision that sets off a chain reaction of violence for the rest of the season.


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