Power Book IV Force | Season 2 Episode 2 Review & Recap LIVE | “Great Consequence”

September 10, 2023

Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 2 Review & Recap “Great Consequence”

Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 2 Review & Recap S2E2 *SPOILERS* With Special guest @moochillahammer

Power Book 4 Force Season 2 Episode 2

Power Book IV Ghost Season 2 Episode 2

Power Book IV: Ghost Season 2 Episode 2

EPISODE 202 – “Great Consequence”

Airdate: September 8, 2023

Written by: Kendra ChanaeChapman

Directed by: Carl Seaton

Jenard struggles to keep his crew afloat as he’s caught between his debts to Miguel and Mirković, and his troubles are made worse in comparison to CBI’s booming business. Tommy and Diamond already need to re-up again, but Diamond is hindered by his suspicious new parole officer. Tommy takes the meeting solo, and earns favor with Miguel by defending him in a drive-by attack from the Serbs. Knowing that the Serbs and

the Insane Princes are Chicago’s two main connects to the cartel, Tommy and Diamond devise a plan to fan the flames of their rivalry so that CBI can usurp their positions and take over Chicago. Meanwhile, the Feds pursue a task force with Tommy at the center of the investigation, Jenard gets help from SHANTI “SHOWSTOPPER”, Walter plays Claudia and Vic against each other, and Jenard’s crew seeks revenge on Tommy for

killing Chewy — with unintended consequences.


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