The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review | “Damane”

September 13, 2023

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 5 review by Big Gold Belt Media by @AroundTheGeek & Nat from @TeamJVS

Episode 205 – “Damane”
Director: Maja Vrvilo
Writer: Rohit Kumar

Short Synopsis: Moiraine and Rand flee for their lives. Egwene and Nynaeve encounter a new foe.

Long Synopsis: Lady Suroth and Ishmael travel to Falme with a powerful gift for her commander. With Selene’s true identity as Lanfear revealed, Rand and Moiraine look for allies hoping to escape the Forsaken’s pursuit. Perrin leaves his Wolfbrother Elyas behind to search for Liolal and the Shienarans, where he meets a highly-skilled warrior named Aviendha. Liandrin holds Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne captive.

Season Synopsis:
Though Rand thought he destroyed the Dark One, evil is not gone from the world. Threats new and very old seek out the young friends from the Two Rivers, now scattered over the world. The woman who found and guided them is now powerless to help, and so they must find other sources of strength. In each other, or themselves. In the Light… or the Dark.

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