24/7 Champion R-Truth def. Drake Maverick

June 24, 2019
24/7 Champion R-Truth def. Drake Maverick

For one brief, shining moment, Drake Maverick was on top of the world. He had his bride, his best man (shouts to EC3, whose solo cup at the wedding matched his suit) and his white whale, the 24/7 Championship. Then, R-Truth crashed the ceremony, and now Maverick’s got no 24/7 Championship and, if Twitter is to be believed, no wife. (EC3, presumably, still lingers.) As a matter of fact, he still doesn’t have the 24/7 Championship, despite a Hail Mary on Raw that led to an unprecedented development: The first-ever, fall-to-a-finish match for the 24/7 Title.

Maverick made his move during a “Miz TV” interview with Truth and Carmella, and thanks to an enticing stipulation from management banning the typical 24/7 mob from ringside, Truth accepted the 205 Live General Manager’s challenge. He also pinned Maverick in about five seconds and narrowly evaded the mob’s pursuit yet again, despite suffering a clobbering Neutralizer from Cedric Alexander. Maverick, meanwhile, was bereft and speechless in the ring, having failed to win back “the love of his life” — that’s the title, for those keeping score. Alas, after one taste of the white dress, he’ll settle for being the bridesmaid — if not a divorcé.
Article source: WWE.com

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