Bayley & Naomi def. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The IIconics

April 16, 2019
<a href="" data-nid="40059193" data-tracking-label="Bayley & Naomi vs. The IIconics: Raw, April 15, 2019" class="wwe-display-duration js-video-inline–btn js-track js-video–btn node-type-video video-play-large" data-duration="01:13" data-video="{"sponsors":"","numSponsors":false,"title":"Related Videos","playlist":[{"image":"\/f\/styles\/wwe_16_9_s\/public\/2019\/04\/20190415_raw_womentagp–8132e5bd67f2949385112fa483a82f79.jpg","image_uri":"public:\/\/\/2019\/04\/20190415_raw_womentagp–8132e5bd67f2949385112fa483a82f79.jpg","file":"\/\/\/vod\/2019\/,1080,720,540,432,360,288,\/raw1351_iiconicbayley_04152019.m3u8","fid":"40352105","title":"Bayley & Naomi vs. The IIconics: Raw, April 15, 2019","nid":40059193,"vms_id":175159,"description":"Naomi joins the red brand and teams with The Huggable One to take on the WWE Women&rsquo;s Tag Team Champions.","wwe_network":false,"link_url":"http:\/\/\/flow\/network","ads_disabled":0,"numSponsors":false,"path":"\/videos\/bayley-naomi-vs-the-iiconics-raw-april-15-2019","abs_path":"https:\/\/\/videos\/bayley-naomi-vs-the-iiconics-raw-april-15-2019","network_logged_in_cta":"","show_name":"Raw","episode_name":"","countries":[],"country_logic":"","mediaid":"iXjyDIMu","playlist_offset":0,"playlist_nid":0,"backfilled":false,"parent_playlist_nid":0,"playlist_title":"Related Videos","playlist_short_headline":"Related Videos","video_offset":0,"picture":"\n<!–[if IE 9]>

Losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to The IIconics was a blow to Bayley & Sasha Banks, but The Huggable One has taken her first step toward potentially regaining the gold. It just wasn’t with The Boss, who apparently isn’t returning her partner’s calls. Instead, The Huggable One recruited a Shaken-up Naomi to her side for a non-title tag team bout after a tense backstage confrontation with the champs, and the pairing immediately paid dividends, as Naomi delivered the victory via split-legged moonsault.

Of course, the WWE Universe can only get so far ahead of itself here: The chemistry Banks & Bayley forged through years of adversity can’t be so easily replicated, and the road to tag team gold is a long and rocky one. With that said, The Hug ‘N’ Glow Connection does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
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