Best Entrance: Dalton Castle

January 13, 2022

Dalton Castle has always had elaborate, showy entrances, but the flamboyant former ROH World Champion outdid himself in 2021.

Castle used to be accompanied by two Boys, but his new entourage featured Baby Chickens – a group of barefoot young men clad in silky pink shirts, pink masks and white t-shirts.

The Baby Chickens clapped in unison as Castle sashayed down the aisle to music that was reminiscent of Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga.” Then Castle proceeded to feed seeds from his hand to his Baby Chickens.

Castle has said in the past that he’s been inspired by Freddie Mercury, but not even the legendary Queen front man had Baby Chickens.

Castle clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the entrance. As busy as he always is, when did he find the time?


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