Big Cass interrupted “Miz TV” with a message for Daniel Bryan

April 25, 2018

LOUISVILLE, Ky.The Miz was at the epicenter of the seismic shift created by the Superstar Shake-up last week, and it seemed The A-Lister would now stand face-to-face with his longtime rival Daniel Bryan in the ring for the first time in nearly three years on “Miz TV.” However, confusion grew when Miz called Bryan out to the ring for their interview and The “Yes!” Man was nowhere to be found.

Arriving instead was Big Cass, who brutally attacked Bryan last week in his WWE return. When The Miz questioned Cass as to why he was there, the seven-footer cited that he too had worked diligently to return from injury, yet all of the attention went to Daniel and none to him. Cass, who stated that he too used to be small and picked on when he was younger, promised to break the “little man” Bryan once and for all so that he would never again be overshadowed by him (or anyone of Bryan’s stature).

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