Bobby Lashley revealed his family history to Renee Young

May 8, 2018
Bobby Lashley revealed his family history to Renee Young

For the newer members of the WWE Universe, it might seem as though Bobby Lashley appeared out of thin air the night after WrestleMania to stalling suplex anything that moved. But Raw provided an in-depth look at both Lashley’s competitive career — from his amateur wrestling successes to his reigns as ECW and United States Champion and a 15-2 stint in MMA — and, more tellingly, his personal life.

In a sit-down interview with Renee Young, Lashley gave the WWE Universe a look at his upbringing, specifically his relationship with his three sisters. From the oldest sibling (who would chase him with a broom) to the youngest (whose retaliation to a little-brother prank from Lashley left the Superstar with a permanent scar), Lashley spoke glowingly of his family history, and though he promised “a lot of fun” for his “extended family” in the WWE Universe, he ended the interview with a personal message of love to his sisters.

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