Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali def. Drew Gulak & TJP

March 27, 2018
Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali def. Drew Gulak & TJP

The Cruiserweights have been conspicuous by their absence the last several weeks on Raw, and with good reason: The revamped 205 Live has played host to a tournament for the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Championship, with Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali advancing to a final battle at WrestleMania. On Raw, however, “The Heart and Soul of 205 Live” put aside their rivalry to team against Drew Gulak & TJP in a thrilling match that was half-exhibition, half-one-upsmanship between the two dynamic high-flyers.

With 205 Live’s General Manager/breathless hype man hype man Drake Maverick at commentary, Ali and Gulak battled to a stalemate, leading TJP and Alexander to re-enter the fray. And even though Ali provided a crucial assist to his partner when Gulak ran interference to his partner, he ended the match a little bit on the sneaky side, making an under-the-table tag moments before a rolling Cedric blasted TJP with the Lumbar Check. A confused Alexander, was forced to cede the ring to Ali, and bemusedly watched from the apron as his WrestleMania opponent finished the job with an 054 to The Fil-Am Flash. A display of Ali’s prowess for the WWE Universe, or a warning to Cedric of what awaits him at The Show of Shows? No reason it can’t be both.

Article source: WWE.com

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