Chad Gable def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

July 17, 2019
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Following a controversial ending to a highly-regarded showdown last month, Gentleman Jack Gallagher and SmackDown LIVE’s Chad Gable finally had their chance at a rematch.

For much of the match, Gable targeted Gallagher’s left leg and knee, trying to keep his opponent from getting to his feet. However, Gallagher fought back, and when he swung momentum in his favor, he ditched the technical arsenal and went for high-impact strikes. After being on the receiving end of a standing suplex and near-fall, Gable again tried to advance, but Gallagher countered with another armlock before revving his engine and sending Gable to the outside. Keeping his opponent at ringside, Gallagher launched himself to the outside but overshot the landing, allowing Gable to counter with an explosive suplex.

As the official began a 10-count, Gable refused to allow another ending like their last match and threw Gallagher back inside the ring. The Olympic athlete remained in control and applied a devastating Ankle Lock that looked like it would be the end of Gallagher’s night. However, the British brawler broke the hold with a series of hammer fists.

Gallagher nearly secured victory following a breath-taking headbutt. With Gable reeling in the corner, Gallagher charged forward for a running dropkick but was caught and slammed by Gable.

Unable to put Gallagher away, Gable grew frustrated and ascended the ropes to attempt a high-risk moonsault. Gallagher countered and immediately charged after his opponent and landed a running dropkick, but Gable barely got his foot on the ropes during the pinfall, and the match raged on.

Gallagher battled Gable in the corner and prepared to execute a super backdrop, but Gable shifted his momentum to counter the move. As a result, Gable capitalized and executed the Chaos Theory for a hard-fought victory.

After the match, Gable showed his respect to Gallagher by helping him to his feet amidst a standing ovation from the WWE Universe.

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