Daniel Bryan finally snapped on Big Cass

May 16, 2018

LONDON — Following his surprising loss to Rusev last week in a Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match, Daniel Bryan kicked off SmackDown LIVE by addressing the WWE Universe. Ever the optimist, a disappointed Bryan made it clear to the WWE Universe that he was ready to fight back into contention and soon become WWE Champion. 

However, Big Cass quickly interrupted to, of course, degrade Bryan. Cass was relentless in his disrespect, even bringing Daniel’s family into the discussion and suggesting he should go home and “let Brie wear the pants.” When the seven-footer entered the ring, Bryan jumped him. Like a rabid animal, Bryan ferociously unloaded on Big Cass, pounding him down and eventually locking in a vicious heel hook. Finally, officials pried Bryan off Cass, and the big man retreated by limping away from Bryan, who was still staring daggers through his nemesis.

Article source: WWE.com

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