Elias Teases Biggest Performance for WrestleMania

March 13, 2018

Elias recently spoke with SportsKeeda regarding his plans for Wrestlemania. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Being fast-tracked to main roster: “I heard the term “fast-tracked”, which I actually think is the opposite of what it was. I spent a lot of time at NXT. But what I feel the main difference is that what I was doing at live events during my time in NXT is what I brought to television on the main roster. So a lot of people only got to see short little bursts on NXT. 30 seconds at a time on the guitar, a few minutes in the ring. Monday Night RAW gives me a lot more time to express myself.”

How he’s felt about his run so far: “It’s definitely satisfying to be in the main events and to reach a certain level, but as far as personal goals go, personal feelings, I feel like I’m not even close to where I want to be yet. I feel like I’m only starting my path towards the very top. As far as success and where I’m at right now, that’s for everybody else to decide. I know where I want to be.”

Wrestlemania performance: “At WrestleMania, the performance will be something that you’ve not seen Elias do yet. We call it the grandest spectacle of them all right? I’m the grandest performer on Monday Night RAW, I’m the grandest performer in WWE. It’s only fitting that at WrestleMania, the biggest show we have, I put on the biggest performance you’ve ever seen.”

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