Exclusive interview: EC3 on what’s changed since the last time he was in WWE, how he views the competition in NXT and fighting John Cena at WrestleMania

May 3, 2018

For some, confidence is a silent trait that is displayed through one’s public actions. For others, it is used as the foundation of their verbal message to the world. If your name is EC3, you utilize both methods to propel yourself to sports-entertainment success. Since joining the ranks of NXT this past January, EC3’s gift of gab and in-ring ability have quickly been placed on full display. This week, WWE.com sat down with EC3 to learn just a little bit more about the Superstar who claims to reside within the “Top One Percent” of the sports-entertainment world.

WWE.COM: Let’s start off with the most basic question. Who is EC3?

EC3: EC3 is the best here, the best there, the best anywhere. EC3 is The Top One Percent of this industry. EC3 is the formula for success. EC3 is a golden god, a five-star man, the prince valiant of verbiage, a million-dollar man with a billion-dollar brain and a trillion-dollar body. EC3 is an over-dog.  The coolest, toughest, strongest, funniest guy who walks into any room. A literal human money-printing machine. EC3 is any litany of catchphrases that brew in his mind and spew out of his mouth. EC3 is more brand than man.

WWE.COM: Well, perhaps we will focus on just one of your mottos. How did you develop your Top One Percent mantra?

EC3: The Top One Percent is not just a tax bracket or a way the “have nots” describe those that “have.” It’s a mindset. The Top One Percent is about having the best, and the best is what I have. In life, I have the best home, the best car, the best marine vessel. I come from the best family. I have the best education. The best taste in art, film, music and culinary delights. I have the best training, the best nutritionist, the best masseuse, the best hairstylist, the best esthetician (she’s a magician), the best therapists (both physical and mental). In the ring, I have the best cardio, the best dexterity, the best agility, the best timing, the best strikes, the best holds, the best “moveset,” whatever that is.

I have the best because I deserve the best. I deserve the best because I am the best.

Exclusive interview: EC3 on what’s changed since the last time he was in WWE, how he views the competition in NXT and fighting John Cena at WrestleMania

WWE.COM: You are obviously armed with a great deal of confidence. What was it like for you to sign with NXT a few months ago and walk into the WWE Performance Center?

EC3: This place is OK, I guess. Walking into the Performance Center and into NXT, I wasn’t focused on the material as much as I was focused on the personnel. I was focused on the habits of my competition, their ability, their intangibles. How they train, how they eat and how they react to any given scenario. NXT has some of the most driven, most passionate and most talented sports-entertainers in the world. I do not fear one of them.

WWE.COM: How have things changed since the last time you were around these parts?

Now I take everything personally. This is a ruthless world, and one must be ruthless to cope with it.

– EC3

EC3: Upon my return at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, I came to the realization that, after all these years, I know who I am, and there is victory in that. I have been through professional and personal hells. In the past, I was misguided. I was happy I got to live my dream as my profession and be one of the boys. Enjoy time with friends and family, fall in love and show up every day with a smile on my face and a good attitude. I was satisfied with just working really hard, and if it’s not my time, well, we’ll get them next time! I was optimistic and lost. Now I take everything personally. This is a ruthless world, and one must be ruthless to cope with it. I do not have a dream; I have a vision. I do not seek happiness. I seek success. The only comfort I get in life is victory, after victory, after victory.

WWE.COM: What was it like for you to almost immediately be thrust into the spotlight of a high-profile match at TakeOver: New Orleans for the newly created North American Championship?

EC3: The only light I seek is that proverbial spotlight. It was earned, and it was deserved. The only problem is that it was merely a taste. It is now something I crave. It’s a hunger that is unquelled, and I desire it.

EC3 makes his NXT TV debut next week: WWE NXT, May 2, 2018

After making an unforgettable debut at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, EC3 prepares to compete for the first time on NXT TV next week. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

WWE.COM: Do you feel you’ve placed an added pressure on your shoulders by being so boastful?

EC3: Pressure? No such thing. If you don’t believe yourself, who will? There is no better feeling in the world than saying you are something and going out there and proving it.

WWE.COM: Are there any Superstars that you can’t wait to face at some point?

EC3: Yes. I want to vanquish John Cena at WrestleMania.

WWE.COM: What about your immediate goals?

EC3: The NXT Championship. Laying claim to that title would be quite serendipitous.

WWE.COM: Do you have a parting message for the WWE NXT Universe?

EC3: Watch closely, tread lightly.

Article source: WWE.com

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