Is Rey Mysterio Still Negotiating Deal to Return to WWE?

March 18, 2018

Dave Meltzer discussed the news on Rey Mysterio joining the Nashville-based wrestling company called Aro Lucha during today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and said the report was blown way out of proportion.

“That story is very overblown. There really isn’t a story. He’s going to be working the Aro Lucha tapings. Look, crowd funding and I read that and it’s like, “uhhh.”

Meltzer confirmed talks between Mysterio and WWE are still on-going and revealed that Mysterio isn’t even an owner of Aro Lucha like reports claimed.

“He’s still in negotiations with WWE. I can tell you that factually right now. He’s in negotiations with WWE. He will be working Aro Lucha. I think he’s pretty much committed to working Aro Lucha tapings. He may stay with them. He may end up with ownership. He’s not an owner of the company right now. The idea of this, a lot of people look at this and go, “oh he’s not going to WWE.” He may not, but he’s absolutely in talks with them right now. Whatever the story is that broke today, that does not change that story.”

We will keep you updated on Mysterio’s status with WWE as we receive information…

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