JD McDonagh looks to back up his big talk in match with Cameron Grimes

July 12, 2022

Following his loss at Great American Bash, a dejected Cameron Grimes humbled himself in the ring, but he did not sulk for long as JD McDonagh stepped out to add insult to injury.

The egotistical McDonagh claimed that Grimes became old news minutes after his NXT Title Match with Bron Breakker, as The Irish Ace made his explosive entrance on NXT 2.0 with a surprise attack on Breakker. Unimpressed, Grimes stated that McDonagh was all talk before the newcomer stunned Grimes with a headbutt.

Grimes absorbed the attack and nearly turned it around for a Cave-In until McDonagh slipped out of the ring.

With the two Superstars now slated to go one-on-one, will McDonagh back up his big talk, or will Grimes have the last word? Find out Tuesday night on NXT 2.0 at 8/7 C on USA!

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