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June 20, 2024

Joe Hendry & Frankie Kazarian Compete in NXT #1 Contenders Battle Royal

The excitement began to mount when WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels shared a photo on X with TNA’s own Frankie Kazarian ahead of the highly-anticipated #1 Contenders NXT Battle Royal.

Before NXT began, Kazarian led the competitors to the ring, setting the stage for an unforgettable match.

The atmosphere reached a peak when Joe Hendry made a grand entrance, shaking the WWE Performance Center to its core with his signature phrase, “SAY HIS NAME AND HE APPEARS,” echoing through the speakers. Hendry addressed the NXT audience before stepping into the ring to confront NXT’s Ethan Page.

The two exchanged in a heated war of words, with Kazarian leading a pack of NXT superstars to eliminate Joe Hendry. Visibly frustrated, Hendry stormed backstage, vowing that this was far from over!

On WWE’s social media, a video was posted of Joe Hendry expressing his anger over being eliminated by nearly everyone in the Battle Royal. In a heated exchange with Shawn Michaels, Hendry declared he could show up anywhere he wanted, as long as they “Say his name.” Michaels responded with “I Believe.”

Meanwhile, Frankie Kazarian made it to the final four, before being eliminated by Je’Von Evans.

What’s next for Joe Hendry and Frankie Kazarian? Tune in to TNA iMPACT! Thursdays at 8pm ET on TNA+ and AXS TV to find out!

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