Jonny Bravo Reacts to Luther & Roman Confusion

March 9, 2018

We reported earlier today that there may have been some confusion between Roman Reigns and Luther Reigns after Jonny Bravo teased that Luther was part of the alleged steroid scandal.

Bravo reacted to the speculation that Richard Rodriquez may have been confused between Roman & Luther when he said he had evidence of “Reigns” buying steroids. Bravo said people need to “stop spreading rumors,” as seen below:

Bravo has yet to release any hard evidence against anyone linked to WWE and appears to be milking this story for everything he can. Until significant evidence surfaces, we will not be covering this story anymore. We don’t have time for his games, as it’s been nearly two months and no evidence has been provided.

(Thanks to reader Timmy Jarrell for contributing)

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