Kairi Sane def. Shazza McKenzie

May 3, 2018
NXT photos

ORLANDO, Fla.Kairi Sane made short work of Shazza McKenzie, dismantling the Australian Superstar with an explosive array of maneuvers, capped off by her spectacular InSane Elbow.

Despite her dominant performance, The Pirate Princess had the wind taken out of her sails when Lacey Evans made her way to the ring. The Lady of NXT, who lost to Sane three weeks ago, said she was wrong to suggest that Sane doesn’t belong in NXT, and she offered an apology and a handshake. Sane was suspicious of the supposed truce, and as she contemplated whether to accept the olive branch, Evans slugged her in the face. Sane’s troubles with the Evans appear to be far from over.

Article source: WWE.com

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