Kalisto def. Tony Nese

August 1, 2018
Kalisto vs. Tony Nese: WWE 205 Live, July 31, 2018

After their last match devolved into a brawl, Kalisto and Tony Nese square off without their allies at ringside.

After their last meeting ended in a brawl that involved Buddy Murphy and the other members of The Lucha House Party, Kalisto and Tony Nese decided to battle without their allies at ringside. Riding high following a tag team victory last week, Kalisto was certainly poised to keep that focus and silence The Premier Athlete once and for all.

Locking up, Nese immediately used his power advantage by tossing Kalisto to the mat with ease and shoving away an offensive flurry. Despite using his speed to try and outwit The Premier Athlete, Kalisto was unable to counter the sheer strength of his opponent.

Nese remained dominant, countering The Lucha Dragon’s attempts to fly high and take control. Focusing his attacks on his opponent’s abdomen, The Premier Athlete maintained pressure in relentless fashion, impressively stopping Kalisto’s agility with his own. After slamming Kalisto to the mat, Nese took a moment to showboat, giving the former Cruiserweight Champion the reprieve he needed to fight back.

As they tussled back and forth, Nese tweaked his knee following a high-risk move attempt that allowed Kalisto to score a near-fall. Reeling from the intense battle, both competitors again exchanged moves and counters with Nese scoring a near-fall of his own. Frustrated by missing the three-count, Nese slowly turned his attention back to his opponent after arguing with the official but was captured by the Salida del Sol, allowing Kalisto to pick up the win.

After the match, Nese’s ally Buddy Murphy confronted the former Cruiserweight Champion and was prepared to decimate him outside the ring. However, Lince Dorado charged to the ring and helped Kalisto fend off The Juggernaut of WWE 205 Live.

Article source: WWE.com

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