Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy ended in a No Contest

June 6, 2018
Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy ended in a No Contest

Following a grueling battle with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander last time on WWE 205 Live, Buddy Murphy’s performance was impressive enough to warrant a rubber match against Mustafa Ali, allowing both Superstars to make their respective case for another title opportunity.

As the match got underway, Murphy quickly countered his opponent’s speed with pure strength, keeping Ali on defense and remaining unfazed by furious chops. However, Ali didn’t stay on defense long, channeling his agility into an effective surge that rocked Murphy and left him flattened on the outside of the ring.

Attempting a high-risk move, Ali ascended the ropes, but Murphy countered. They traded blows above the ring before Murphy hoisted The Heart of WWE 205 Live on his shoulders and dropped him on the turnbuckle in a jaw-dropping sequence. The Australian juggernaut took control of the bout, using his raw power to assert dominance against Ali and fending off any attempted counters.

Displaying his resilience, Ali countered a powerslam, pushing Murphy into the turnbuckle and dropping him with an incredible reverse rana. Both competitors struggled to get to their feet, but Ali took control by charging forward, grabbing Murphy’s feet and throwing them between the ropes and nailing him with a superkick. Maintaining his offense, Ali launched himself onto his opponent and nearly secured the pinfall.

With both Superstars reeling, they traded blows, counters and near-falls with neither able to maintain momentum for more than a few moments. The exchange continued on the ring apron where they again battled, and Ali nearly secured victory with an X-Factor on the apron.

Murphy remained in the fight, striking back and narrowly missing victory following a slam from the corner that resulted in a raucous “This is awesome!” chant from the WWE Universe. Irate, Murphy taunted Ali but was knocked off his feet before Ali countered a strike with a high-risk move off the top rope.

Seeing his opening, Ali forced his dazed opponent back into the ring and prepared to the execute the 054. However, as Ali prepared his patented move, Hideo Itami came out of nowhere and knocked The Heart of WWE 205 Live off the ropes. With the match called off, Itami relentlessly attacked both Ali and Murphy, making a clear statement that he demands respect.

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