NXT Champion Aleister Black def. Lars Sullivan

June 17, 2018
Aleister Black drops the massive Lars Sullivan with Black Mass: NXT TakeOver: Chicago II (WWE Network Exclusive)

Aleister Black nails Lars Sullivan with Black Mass in their bitter fight for Black’s NXT Championship: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

In undoubtedly his toughest challenge as NXT Champion, Aleister Black defeated Lars Sullivan at NXT TakeOver: Chicago II, but Sullivan more than proved his mettle, both to Black and the NXT Universe.

In a fast-paced opening exchange, Black looked to connect with his signature Black Mass kick within the first minute of the contest, but like he had done before, Sullivan caught Black’s leg. Black would not be deterred though, coming right back at The Freak with a rapid array of strikes and high-impact maneuvers, both in and out of the ring.

Sullivan got the upper hand when he snatched The Dutch Destroyer out of the air during a moonsault attempt on the floor. From there, Sullivan was relentless, using brute strength to wear down the champion.

The two went back and forth with Aleister surviving a diving headbutt from The Freak and then grazing Sullivan with the Black Mass from out of nowhere. Black didn’t get all of it, though, which allowed Sullivan to kick out. Lars rallied from there and nailed The Dutch Destroyer with the Freak Accident, but the NXT Champion persevered, connecting with two more devastating Black Masses.

The second strike was enough to put Sullivan down and keep him there, but rest assured The Freak will rise again.

Article source: WWE.com

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