NXT Level Up results: June 28, 2024

June 24, 2024

Riley Osborne def. Jasper Troy

The quick-as-a-hiccup Riley Osborne frustrated the hulking Jasper Troy in the early goings by relying on speed and agility, but Troy eventually caught his prey and ruthlessly hurled him over the top rope to the ringside floor before brazenly beckoning the cameraman to come closer when he continued to inflict punishment.

Troy was equally ruthless between the ropes, shaking the ring with a scoop slam and a standing splash for a long two-count.

Chase University’s aerial artist dug deep to finally dodge Troy, used a Cody Rhodes-esque Disaster Kick to down his opponent and landed a breathtaking shooting star press for the three-count.

Jazmyn Nyx def. Kendal Grey

Fresh off an impressive upset win against Izzi Dame, Kendal Grey looked to make it two in a row against the cunning Jazmyn Nyx.

The decorated amateur competitor took advantage of her mat acumen at the start of the bout by out-grappling Nyx and connecting with a reverse elbow and a crossbody from the second rope.

Backed by the mask-clad Jacy Jayne at ringside, Nyx tattooed Grey with a Pele kick to secure the victory.

Dante Chen def. Myles Borne

No Quarter Catch Crew might be used to having the upper hand due to the controversial Catch Clause, but perhaps fortunately for Dante Chen, there were no mysteries about the identity of his opponent in NXT Level Up’s main event.

Since he was announced as the faction’s representative quite some time before the match, Myles Borne didn’t have the element of surprise in his corner, though that didn’t stop him from kicking Chen in the back of the knee to send him crashing from the middle rope to the canvas.

From there, Borne used a methodical attack and came close to earning the win on several occasions, but The Gatekeeper of NXT escaped a nasty submission hold and fought through the pain in his knee to score with a decisive Chentle Touch.

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