Online Confusion Over AJ Styles Injury Spot at MSG

March 17, 2018

There was some online confusion during Friday’s Madison Square Garden event that involved an injury angle and several unreliable websites claiming AJ Styles was legitimately hurt in a segment that saw him attacked by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Originally Styles was scheduled to team with Nakamura to take on the team of Owens & Zayn but WWE did an injury spot instead that saw Styles being helped out to the back with the referee. Nakamura ended up facing Owens in a singles match instead which ended when Zayn interfered in the bout. Styles ending up running back out later in the show with a steel chair and attacked Owens and Zayn.

Before the match concluded, several (fan) websites decided to report that Styles was legitimately injured at Friday’s event. Had they have waited instead of trying to be experts and reporting the news as legitimate, there would have not been any online confusion. We just wanted to let everyone know that Styles was not injured at the event and this was just all part of the show. Chances are if PWInsider, F4WOnline, Pro Wrestling Sheet, Wrestling Inc, Brad Shepard of or Ringside News didn’t report it, it’s probably not legitimate.

Below is footage from the the event that features Styles coming back out to make the save:


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