Report: Toni Storm Deletes Social Media Following Leaked Nudes

January 2, 2019

To close out 2018 WWE United Kingdom Star Toni Storm, had been hacked and had her nude photos leaked for everyone on the internet to see.

Wrestling fans didn’t help the matter either by finding the photos and then tagging Toni Storm in the photos to take the unfortunate event a step further.

Storm is only 23-years-old and made plenty of waves in the independent wrestling scene, standing out in the 2018 Mae Young Classic, then eventually being signed to WWE for their United Kingdom branch.

According to one Twitter user, Toni Storm has had enough and attempted to get through the debacle by blocking fans that tagged her in the photos

You can see below where it also appears that Toni Storm has removed her Instagram account as well as deleting her Twitter account.
With the way people are now and privacy at a minimum…fans tend to forget that wrestlers have emotions and feelings too. Paige was one of the first to speak out on the issue when her photos were leaked previously.

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