ROH TV Preview: Josh Woods, Silas Young Square Off In Pure Rules Match; Former Partners Rey Horus, Flamita Meet In Survival Of The Fittest Round 1

June 3, 2021


Here’s a preview of this weekend’s episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling:”

Pure Rules Match: Josh Woods vs. Silas Young

When the former tag team partners met three weeks ago, the teacher schooled the student in Cheating 101, as Young illegally used the ropes for leverage to defeat his former protege. 

In the post-match interview, Young boasted that he also could beat Woods in a Pure Rules Match. Woods jumped at the opportunity to prove him wrong.

“Silas, in our last match you had to cheat to win. I knew you couldn’t beat me and you knew you couldn’t beat me fair and square,” Woods said. “But in a Pure Rules Match there is a definitive winner. And by the time this match is over I will prove that I am the better wrestler.”

At first glance, a Pure Rules Match would appear to favor Woods. “The Technical Beast” has defeated former ROH World Champions Jay Lethal and Dalton Castle in Pure Rules bouts and he made it to the final four in the Pure Title Tournament last fall.

However, while Young undoubtedly has a penchant for bending the rules and roughhouse tactics, “The Last Real Man” has shown that he is an outstanding technical wrestler when he chooses to be.

“You want to whine and complain about the way I beat you, but one thing’s real simple: I beat you,” Young said. “So now you think something’s going to be different because it’s a Pure Rules Match? Pro wrestling isn’t about who the biggest or who the strongest is, it’s about who’s the smartest. And you best believe, Josh Woods, when it comes to pro wrestling you can never touch my intelligence.”

Survival of the Fittest Round 1: Rey Horus vs. Flamita

This isn’t just a match to determine who advances to the Survival of the Fittest six-way elimination final. It’s personal.

Flamita has embraced his dark side over the past couple months and turned his back on Horus and Bandido, his former teammates in MexiSquad.

The main issue initially seemed to be between Flamita and Bandido, but now it’s apparent that there’s bad blood between Flamita and Horus as well.

“Flamita, you said no more MexiSquad, and all of a sudden you’re acting like a rudo,” Horus said. “So very well then. If that’s how you want it, that’s how you will get it.”

Flamita had some ominous words for his former partner ahead of this matchup.

“The victim is named Rey Horus,” Flamita said through a translator. “And after I’m done with you, I’m going to be on top of Ring of Honor. So that you guys and all the members of this business know that hell has arrived, and hell’s name is Flamita.”


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