ROH TV Preview: Quinn McKay Makes ROH In-Ring Debut Against Angelina Love In Highly Anticipated Showdown

May 6, 2021

ROH TV Preview: Quinn McKay Makes ROH In-Ring Debut Against Angelina Love In Highly Anticipated Showdown,

Here’s a preview of this weekend’s episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling:”

Angelina Love vs. Quinn McKay

After two years of mutual disdain and trash talk, Love and McKay will finally square off in one of the most highly anticipated matches in recent memory.

It’ll be the ROH in-ring debut for McKay, who had several matches on the independent circuit and trained at the ROH Dojo before putting her wrestling aspirations aside to be a full-time on-air personality and backstage correspondent in ROH.

In Love, McKay will be facing a seven-time former world champion and 20-year veteran who is still at the top of her game.

McKay demanded this match after Love (with an assist from fellow Allure member Mandy Leon) physically attacked her on the “ROH Week By Week” set last fall. ROH Board of Directors member Maria Kanellis-Bennett made the match at the 19th Anniversary pay-per-view in March.

Beyond this being a grudge match, there are high stakes for both competitors. If McKay pulls the upset, she will gain entry into the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament this summer; if Love wins, she’ll receive a first-round bye in the tournament.

McKay has stated that she’s not only fighting for herself in this match, but also for the future of the women’s division.

“The bitterness and animosity and insecurity that she plants in the women’s minds in this company, little seeds that sow nothing but doubt and uncertainty in everything that they do, how can you build a women’s division on that?” McKay said. “How can you build a women’s division on crumbling pieces?

“She walks into a division and she lays waste and annihilation and destruction, and then she gets to stand in the middle of it as the ashes fall like some sort of dark, forbidden angel? Not anymore. In order for this division to grow and flourish, I’m going to take the first step and stand across the ring from the Hydra and cut the head off at the neck.”

Love has made it clear that she doesn’t consider McKay a serious threat as an opponent.

“All of a sudden she’s just, ‘Woop, I’m a wrestler,’” Love said. “OK, it doesn’t work that way, but if I have to be the one to teach the lesson, I’m up for the mini-challenge of teaching Quinn a lesson.”

The Briscoes vs. EC3 & “The Mercenary” Flip Gordon

Jay and Mark Briscoe appear to have settled their differences in the match they had against each other on the historic 500th episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” a few weeks ago, and now they’re ready to remind everyone why they’re the greatest tag team in ROH history.

Their opponents — EC3 and Gordon — have never teamed before and aren’t too thrilled about joining forces for this match, but the ROH Board of Directors booked it based off EC3 paying “The Mercenary” to cost the Briscoes a No. 1 contenders’ match in February.

At the 19th Anniversary show in March, Jay defeated EC3 in an epic match, while Gordon used a low blow to score a tainted victory over Mark.

The Briscoes are No. 5 in the latest tag team rankings, so they can not afford to lose this match as they continue their quest to win the ROH World Tag Team Title for the 12th time.

Brian Johnson Issues an Open Challenge

Johnson has been on a roll, and with his confidence at an all-time high, “The Mecca” wants a match and doesn’t care who his opponent is.

“I marched into Ring of Honor management’s office and I demanded a match against any man, woman or child walking God’s green earth,” said Johnson, veins bulging in his head. “In 2021 I have a 4-1 record and I am a dragon’s breath away from being the Ring of Honor Television Champion. Yet nobody is talking about ‘The Mecca.’ … I am ready to start building my legacy here at Ring of Honor!”

Johnson usually doesn’t take an honorable path to victory, but there’s no denying his talent. Whoever answers Johnson’s challenge undoubtedly will have their hands full.

Considering that Johnson is by far the most disliked member of the locker room, there’s probably no shortage of wrestlers who would love nothing more than to get into the ring with him and shut him up.



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