Shinsuke Nakamura def. Finn Bálor

July 10, 2019

Shinsuke Nakamura very clearly set his sights on Finn Bálor’s Intercontinental Championship two weeks ago during a backstage confrontation, and he looked to put himself in prime position for a title opportunity by defeating The Extraordinary Man in one-on-one competition tonight.

The captivated WWE Universe members were on the edge of their seats for the first-time-ever matchup, as Nakamura looked to ground and pound The Extraordinary Man in the early goings, but Bálor battled back, whipping Shinsuke down to the mat with the Slingblade and looking to finish the deal. However, The King of Strong Style cut Finn off at the pass and brutalized him on the outside. And when Finn narrowly beat the 10-count for the second time to avoid a count-out loss, Shinsuke greeted him with a ring-rattling Kinshasa for a statement-making victory.

Everyone, including the Intercontinental Champion, should be on high alert: Shinsuke is back. 
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